"Education is the commitment of society as a whole to a better and fairer world. Because to the extent that women gain access to a comparable representation in all professions and levels, gender equality will be much closer to be achieved, "Celaá said.

These awards, organized by the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training, recognize and stimulate the experiences developed in educational centers of non-university education that contribute to the fight against this scourge. With this act, which coincides with the celebration of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, the MEFP promotes awards created in 2006 and recovered last year by the cabinet headed by Isabel Celaá.

"The great advances in equality that have come from the hand of education allow us to refine the focus to focus efforts on new achievements such as the promotion of female presence in studies in which it is still a minority, as in certain branches of FP and in technical careers, "said the head of Education.

The Irene Awards are framed within the days of the Intercambia network, a work meeting on equality, co-education and prevention of violence against women, with the participation of the Ministry of Education and the regional equality bodies.

"We do not act in isolation. Our initiatives are part of the route marked by Europe through its Gender Equality Strategy 2018-2023, whose objectives include, among others, preventing and combating gender stereotypes and sexism and applying a gender mainstreaming in all policies and measures, "explained Isabel Celaá.

The jury of these awards has awarded with 10,000 euros to the project "Gender equality. An interdisciplinary commitment" of the Center for Secondary Education Villa Alguazas de Murcia.

Celaá has thanked the work carried out in the classroom by teachers and students in the construction of a better society. "Thanks to all the members of the educational community, of which you and you are a wonderful exponent, for the effort with which day after day you contribute to make this country a more livable space and free of sexist violence," he concluded .

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