The minister, who has recalled at the beginning of her speech to the recently deceased Margarita Salas, has reiterated the Government's commitment to these competitions, which are "one of the most relevant events to make young talent visible in scientific disciplines and to stimulate also vocations in the field of science of secondary school students ".

In 2019, about 19,000 students from all over the country have participated in the local phases of the scientific Olympics, which served as a classification for nationals. The best students at the national level in mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, geology and economics participated in the international and Latin American competitions. Of the 60 students who received some distinction in these competitions, 21 have attended the event today:

  • Maths

– Leonardo Costa Lesage: gold medal (National), bronze (International)

– Pablo Soto Martín: gold (National), bronze (International), silver (Iberoamerican) medal

– Oriol Baeza Guasch: gold medal (National), bronze (International), bronze (Iberoamerican) – Pau Cantos Coll: gold medal (National), bronze (International), silver (Iberoamericana) – Juan Brieva Ramírez: gold medal (National) , honorable mention (International)

  • Chemistry

– Pablo Soto Martín: gold medal (National)

– Daniel Ulibarri Sánchez: gold (National), bronze (International), silver (Iberoamerican) medal

– Sergio Sanjurjo Montero: silver medal (National), bronze (International)

– Zhuo Ying Jiang Li: silver (National), silver (Iberoamerican) medal

  • Physical

– Fernando Fernández del Cerro: gold medal (National)

– Javier López Miras: gold medal (National), Honorable Mention (International)

– Sergio Sanjurjo Montero: gold (National), silver (Iberoamerican) medal

-Alejandro Zapata Marcos: gold medal (National), bronze (Iberoamerican)

  • biology

– Pablo Mielgo González: gold medal (National), bronze (International)

– Samuel Pis Vigil: silver (National), silver (Iberoamerican) medal

  • geology

– Alejandro Hernández Gómez: gold medal (National), bronze (International)

– Ramón Margarit Tornero: silver (National), bronze (International) medal – Adrián Belinchón García: bronze (National) medal; silver (International)

  • Economy

– Sergio López Jiménez: gold medal (National)

– Fernando Ferrando Ginesta: silver medal (National)

– Carlos Paesa Lía: bronze medal (National), bronze (International)

– Santiago Herrero-Tejedor Jiménez de Andrade: diploma (National), bronze (International)

– Cristina Molina Delgado: diploma (National)

The acting minister has addressed all of them: "It seems that you have found some areas of knowledge in which you are excellent. Make your knowledge available to the community and the whole world, contribute to improve our reality."

The Royal Societies and Scientific Associations, which promote these competitions, have been represented in the voice of Consuelo Sánchez Cumplido, president of the Spanish Olympic Biology Association. Celaá has also addressed them, who has asked them to continue "with that path you have undertaken. Your example and help are essential to us to undertake this task. Serve this recognition that we give today to the winners to also recognize you for your tireless and selfless work that contributes, without a doubt, to create a scientific brand in our country. "

The Scientific Olympics, with more than 50 years of history, are competitions of recognized international prestige that help foster STEM vocations (initials in English science, technology, engineering and mathematics) among students around the world.

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