"This report not only makes a correct diagnosis of the sector and the labor demand of the digital profiles and STEM, but also because it has detected 10 professions with a future that represent a job site to which they are called, especially, the girls to overcome the current gap of scientific and technological vocations, "said the spokeswoman during her speech.

Celaá has reiterated the Government's commitment to the promotion of scientific and technological vocations among girls and women, which is embodied in initiatives such as "the STEM Talent Girl project, CSIC at the School, the HYPATIA Project or the ADA and DIANA programs" . In addition, it has emphasized the digitalization strategy promoted by the Executive and the renewal of the catalog of qualifications of FP, which will, in fact, include "the 10 professions identified in this report".

"Gender equity and empowerment for girls to match boys when opting for technological vocations translate into more efficiency and positive dividends," said the minister. "Investing in gender equity is profitable, in addition to being a constitutional mandate that challenges us as citizens."

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