This was stated by the Minister of Education and Vocational Training, Isabel Celaá, at the opening, in Madrid, of the working day The role of Professional Guidance in the Educational System of the 21st century, organized by the Ministry of Education and FP.

"We must address this challenge by working hand in hand with the autonomous communities," said the Minister and spokesperson for the Government. "If we want a personalized education, we must promote a personalized orientation for all students at all stages of high school."

The two main objectives of student orientation are personalized attention for the acquisition of skills that allow training and professional decisions, as well as advice for access to successive educational stages, the labor market and different professions according to the talent and preferences of each student.

"The academic and professional orientation has a very important role in the process of modernization of our system that we are putting in place. Our commitment is to move decisively towards an inclusive and personalized model of learning oriented to the school, cognitive and professional success of our students ", has defended the head of Education.

The Ministry of Education and Vocational Training intends that the orientation ceases to be the contribution to the student of timely information in times of academic decisions and becomes a continuous process of accompaniment that begins from the first years of schooling so that each student knows their opportunities and can choose, from equity, keeping in mind all future options. Likewise, it is committed to a new integral and collaborative approach with the orientation of employment systems.

"Our society requires a powerful professional guidance system that ensures that the choice of training and professional itineraries is made with sufficient elements of judgment and without limiting conditions," said Isabel Celaá.

The new model of professional guidance of the students developed by the MEFP defends the equality of training options and the elimination of the gender gap in the elections of studies and professions through a biased presentation of all options. "The Educational Law, which we will take to the Congress of Deputies as soon as possible, states that the educational and professional orientation has a gender perspective and helps to limit the reproduction of the so-called gender of the professions," added the minister.

The professional orientation of the students constitutes one of the fundamental axes of the Strategic Plan for Vocational Training promoted by the Ministry of Education and VET and implemented by the Government together with the social partners and the business sector, in order to update this teaching. "We need a professional orientation that makes the FP known as a first-order choice, a choice of both personal and social success, and that the counselors know these teachings firsthand," said the head of Education.

Around 150 professionals specialized in professional guidance, between technicians and managers of the educational administrations of the autonomous communities and guidance counselors of VET and Adult Education centers throughout the national territory, meet throughout the day in Madrid to reflect on the challenges posed by this matter in the 21st century.

In addition, this initiative is part of other planned activities that will intensify collaboration between educational and labor counselors in order to improve the academic results of students and ensure their success in the labor market. "Reducing early school leaving, promoting vocations for Vocational Training and for STEAM qualifications, as well as for career opportunities with employability, are major objectives of educational policy that require efficient professional guidance," Celaá concluded.

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