CEN and CEOE promote the Technical Support Office for European Projects in Navarra

The Navarra Business Confederation (CEN) and the Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations (CEOE) have agreed to promote the Technical Support Office for European Projects in Navarra. By signing a collaboration agreement, signed this morning at the CEOE headquarters in Madrid by Juan Miguel Sucunza, president of CEN, and Antonio Garamendi, president of CEOE, both entities reinforce their commitment to support the business network in the search and raising European funds.

Both CEN and CEOE share the purpose of accompanying and preparing business organizations and companies so that they can apply for the European aid recently approved for Spain, which will be conditional on the presentation and execution of public-private projects that are relevant and Of future. To this end, the Technical Support Office for European Projects (hereinafter Technical Office) arises, an instrument created by CEOE, supported by PwC Spain, with the aim of informing and advising to make the most of the European Recovery Plan and be a voice of the business community in the configuration of the National Plan for Reforms and Investments.

With the signed agreement, CEN becomes the interlocutor, channel and single link for channeling initiatives and transmitting information from this “Technical Office” in the Autonomous Community. The agreement establishes two-way commitments, by which CEN will promote the activity of this entity, disseminating all the information from the “Technical Office” to companies located in Navarra through the Community's associative network. In addition, it will analyze the investment priorities and profitable, innovative projects aligned with European priorities and with those included in the national sector plans for inclusion in the National Plan for Reforms and Investments that arise in the Community of Navarra.

For its part, CEOE will share with CEN those initiatives or projects that arise in the "Technical Office" that may be of interest to Navarran companies or may have an impact on the Autonomous Community.

During the signing of the agreement, Juan Miguel Sucunza pointed out that it is urgent to prepare and present projects adjusted to real needs that "contribute to solving the current difficulties, but also lead us towards a new, more sustainable economic model." In this sense, it has stressed that there is no time to lose “and we must anticipate the future with solid, innovative projects in line with the guidelines established by the Next Generation.

For his part, Antonio Garamendi has highlighted the importance of public-private collaboration in this process, as well as “the identification of tractor projects that are capable of recovering and transforming the main economic sectors of the territories, based on the sum of efforts between different companies and public institutions ”. In addition, it has ratified CEOE's commitment and active involvement in the recovery of the Spanish economy, with various initiatives such as the recent launch of the “CEOExEuropa” digital platform.

For operational purposes, CEN has opened an online channel to deal with the proposals through the email otn@cen.es and has defined the interlocutor who will act as a link for the information exchange network of the "Technical Office".

On the other hand, a Technical Monitoring Committee will be created between CEN and CEOE to carry out the correct supervision and coordination of this agreement, which will remain in force until December 31, 2021, its extension being linked to the duration of the existence of the own "Technical Office".

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