The Board of Directors of CEOE on Wednesday approved the approval in the last Council of Ministers of the bills on the rates that envisage taxing certain digital services and financial transactions.

As regards the digital tax for large companies to pay taxes in the Spanish market, in CEOE and Cepyme, as part of the European employer Europe Business, we consider that it must be approached in a harmonized way from the EU to avoid affecting the competitiveness of Spain.

We also warn of the need, in any case, to avoid affecting Spanish companies that already pay taxes and that would be in a situation of double taxation.

Similarly, the second of the rates promoted by the Government in the last Council of Ministers, known as the Tobin Rate, clearly punishes Spanish companies operating in regulated markets within the country.

Therefore, we believe that this new tax can end up expelling many investments to other countries or to unregulated markets, and that is why we demand a harmonization with the rest of the European countries.

CEOE and Cepyme, through our Vice Presidency of the European employer Europe Business Europe, offer the necessary collaboration to travel this path of fiscal harmonization.

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