The latest economic indicators reflect that the Spanish economy is already growing at rates below 2%, as the CEOE anticipated in early 2019 despite the criticisms we suffer.

CEOE and Cepyme make it clear then and we do it now, that these forecasts and the valuations we make are not the result of an interested catastrophism, but rather respond to our willingness to contribute to the common good.

In this context, the document outlines a series of economic and labor measures that, closer to populism than to economic orthodoxy, will have a very negative impact on job creation, in the future of companies and will discourage any possibility of investment in Spain, both from within the country and from abroad.

In practice, some of the routes of action that are advanced in the document will impact especially on SMEs and among the self-employed and may end up resulting in an increase in the submerged economy and fewer opportunities for access to the labor market, the two major problems from this country.

On the other hand, the majority of the measures proposed leave the social dialogue between companies and workers practically without space and open the door to a 'social monologue' by the future Government in which the adoption of legislative initiatives without consensus may end up having Little travel and being counterproductive.

CEOE and Cepyme maintain their commitment to social dialogue as a formula that has allowed us to complete 40 years of unprecedented progress and that should serve to meet the challenges we face as a country. For this, we also need a stable and moderate Government, as we have defended so far.

CEOE-Cepyme plans to submit the document presented by the PSOE-United We coalition to the next Board of Directors, which will be held this January. Then we can make a more in-depth assessment of it.

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