CEOE and Faculta Group launch the first Spanish Study to learn about the capacity of organizations to undertake Change Management

CEOE together with Faculta Group, they start the First Spanish Study of Organizational Capacity for Change Management. The Organizational Capacity for Change Management is the set of competencies that an organization presents. This capacity is actually one of the most important indicators to know the possibilities that a company has to be competitive in a business environment, which is characterized by increasingly rapid and disruptive changes.


To carry out this study, from CEOE Y Empowers A questionnaire has been prepared that companies must answer and that includes different aspects such as:

  • Socialization
  • Standardization
  • Leadership

In this way, it is possible to know, among other things, the level of knowledge that exists within companies, of the value that change management brings and if the organization has an executive leader who promotes the construction of the organizational capacity to manage the change. Companies that have a strong ability to manage change become outstanding organizations and transform change into a competitive advantage.

So much Empowers how CEOE they hope to have a large number of companies participating in this study, which will allow us to know first-hand what is the path they have taken to undertake change management.

For Javier Calderón, Director of Companies and Organizations of CEOE, "We want this first Change Management Study in Spain to become a sure predictor of the chances of success of organizational transformation initiatives. In a volatile, uncertain and ambiguous business environment, companies are immersed in transformation processes to achieve success. It is precisely this capacity that we want to measure with this study”.

In the words of Roberto Konigs, Founding Partner of Faculta Group, "At a time when companies in our country have to respond to the challenges that the environment presents them, having a solid capacity to manage change is essential. This study aims to become an X-ray that will allow us to understand the reality of the ability to manage change in Spanish companies. We hope to have a large number of companies that provide us with their opinion and experience ”.

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