CEOE held this Tuesday, June 23, the Tourism-Business-Sport Conference with the aim of taking advantage of the synergies that are generated between the tourism and sports industries to promote both fundamental activities for the Spanish economy.

The conference was used to present the Tourism and Sports Working Group, which is coordinated by CEOE and with the participation of three State secretariats, all of them present at the conference, and with the most significant representatives of Spanish tourism and sports.

The event has been a clear example of public-private collaboration, whose cooperation model is even more necessary after the COVID-19 crisis.

As of this day, a common strategy will be established that will establish a roadmap for the Tourism and Sports Group to carry out its objectives more efficiently.

In it, the entire sports tourism sector will be integrated, since the contributions and recommendations of the members of the working group will be collected.

About the Tourism-Business-Sport Conference

The day was opened by the President of CEPYME, Mr. Gerardo Cuerva. In his speech, he highlighted public-private collaboration in the implementation of initiatives to improve our environment.

He also underlined the importance of SMEs in the sports tourism industry, since they represent the first link in this sector and allow it to display its full potential.

The following four dialogue tables were then held, moderated by the members of the Tourism and Sports Group:

· The Tourism and Sports Industry: I know addressed the role of the tourism and sports sectors as great drivers of the Spanish economy and the synergies between the two were highlighted as an opportunity for the future.

· Safe Sport-Safe Tourism. The Challenge of Trust: During this round table it was revealed that the COVID-19 pandemic has had a high impact on our society, which is why it is necessary to rebuild trust; and that the safe sport – safe tourism pairing must be used as a means of recovery for this purpose.

· The Sustainable, Inclusive and Social Tourism and Sports Strategy: As mentioned, sports and tourism are two sectors that must establish a symbiosis to incorporate sustainability and inclusiveness in their promotion programs.

· Tourism and Sport as a Global Brand: Finally, it has become clear that in the new international scenario after the pandemic, full of uncertainties, we must continue creating a global brand with a new transformative purpose and exercising leadership with novel proposals. Tourism and sports are undoubtedly two powerful drivers of proactive reputation building in the world.

Lastly, the closing session was held by the Secretary General of the CEOE, Mr. José Alberto González-Ruiz; the Secretary of State for Global Spain, Mr. Manuel Muñiz; the Secretary of State for Tourism, Isabel Oliver; and the Secretary of State for Sport and President of the Superior Sports Council, Irene Lozano.

In this closing, the Secretary General of CEOE highlighted, among other aspects, the importance of cooperation between the different actors in the world of tourism and sport that has been shown in this event. Only in this way can synergies between these industries be fully exploited and relaunched after the crisis caused by the pandemic, he said.

Likewise, the secretaries of state agreed that it is a task for the entire society to regain confidence in the demand for security. Likewise, they shared the idea that Spain is a resilient country, with enormous possibilities in these sectors, that together with the programs and the joint action of the entire value chain and the institutions, it is certain that activity will recover.

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