CEOE and Grupo PGS present the second edition of the open innovation program ‘Innovation in Company’

The general secretary of the Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations (CEOE), José Alberto González-Ruiz; the president of Grupo PGS, Pablo Gimeno; and the Director of Innovation of Grupo PGS, Laura Caballero, presented this morning the second edition of 'Innovation in Company', an open innovation initiative that was born in 2019 -by CEOE and Grupo PGS- to promote and reward the innovation in each of the most relevant productive sectors in the market and promoting the entrepreneurial ecosystem of our country, with the aim of leading advances, developing new business opportunities and helping companies to digitize, modernize and find more efficient solutions for their clients .

During the event, the CEOE Secretary General, José Alberto González-Ruiz, pointed out the need to bet on innovation in Spain, "because the competitiveness of our companies will depend on it." González-Ruiz assured that "this new edition of 'Innovation in Company' is more timely and necessary than ever", since we are living a "critical moment, due to the health and economic impact of the pandemic", while claiming " once again, the firm and determined commitment of Spanish businessmen to digitization and R & D & i ”.

In his speech, the president of the consulting firm Grupo PGS, Pablo Gimeno, defended the role of ‘Innovation in Company’ as “a catalyst for the Spanish entrepreneurial ecosystem to overcome the crisis caused by Covid-19”. "Initiatives like this represent a huge opportunity and allow us to support digitization, sustainability, innovation, economic development and job creation at the national level," Gimeno added.

During the event, the Director of Innovation of Grupo PGS, Laura Caballero, revealed the large corporations and business brands that are behind this new edition of 'Innovation in Company', including Grupo Lar, UFV, Alstom, Divina Pastora Insurance, Alain Afflelou, Madrid City Council, RTVE Impulsa and El Corte Inglés.

All of them will value their strategic potential as attractive companies to develop innovation, open up abroad and collaborate with different actors in the ecosystem, as well as to build lasting connections that allow corporations and startups to develop lasting and fruitful alliances that generate business opportunities.

Also, Caballero recalled that this edition will be focused "on addressing the challenges and opportunities generated by the Covid-19 crisis." "Our goal is to find solutions that respond to the new economic reality based on the digitization of companies, the economy low touch, support for sustainable innovation and new forms of innovation to streamline the real economy ”, he concluded.

Projects interested in participating in the selection process must submit their proposals and business plan, as well as answer a series of questions about billing, clients, trajectory or prospects of their respective companies, through the website

Round table: ‘Innovation in times of crisis’

After the presentation of ‘Innovation in Company 2020’ there was a round table organized under the title 'Innovation in times of crisis', which has been made up of different experts from the entrepreneurial ecosystem of our country. Specifically, the colloquium has had the participation of the president of Grupo PGS, Pablo Gimeno; and the Director of Innovation of Grupo PGS, Laura Caballero; They have been joined by the delegate of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Area in the Madrid City Council, Ángel Niño; and the CEO of Spacetechies, Antonio Serrano.

During the debate, the experts had the opportunity to analyze the keys to business innovation after the crisis caused by Covid-19, the future challenges that the players in the sector must face in the medium and long term, the role of the Administrations Public to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in our country, or changes in trends registered in the market, among other issues.

About Grupo PGS

PGS Group is a strategic investment, innovation and franchise consultancy with more than 11 years of experience. It has a business holding structure made up of about 50 professionals specialized in valuation, innovation and preparation of companies for the sale and / or investment search, consulting and franchise expansion, investment consulting in real estate sales, legal consulting, consulting strategic to large commercial areas and consulting for investment in cities.

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