The President of CEOE, Antonio Garamendi, and the President of the PwC consultancy, Gonzalo Sánchez, have signed this Thursday a collaboration agreement to launch the Technical Support Office for European Projects, with the idea that it is operating at full capacity next September.

The mission of this office will be to provide technical support to make the most effective use of the resources from the European Recovery Plan that designate Spain, out of the 750,000 million euros that this mechanism is endowed with, between direct aid and loans.

With this unifying and dynamic objective, it is planned to offer the members of the CEOE advice on how to attract and take advantage of these resources, through the E CEOE for Europe ’platform. Thus, coordination with organizations and companies will be intensified, so that adequate monitoring of the implementation in Spain of the European Recovery Plan is achieved.

To start the project, CEOE will have the technical support of PwC and will designate a head for the Technical Support Office for European Projects, which will coordinate with the CEOE Delegation in Brussels and with the director of Studies at the Institute for Economic Studies ( IEE).

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