The Transport and Logistics Council of CEOE claims, on the occasion of the cut in both directions of the border crossing of La Junquera, that the Spanish Government acts in all possible ways before the French Executive to immediately lift said blockade, especially when these cuts already They knew each other previously.

The forced inactivity of the transport of goods by road, strategic sector and backbone of the national economy, will have a serious impact on the flow of Spanish exports and imports, and therefore a serious damage for manufacturers and distributors, since two thirds of them circulate through the border of Girona, which uses an average of more than 10,000 heavy vehicles a day.

In addition, it will damage the economic activity of Catalonia and the rest of Spain only by direct billing losses of transport companies; for losses of a certain part of the loads, especially perishable ones; due to changes in logistics flows and their consequences on production and distribution, which can exceed 25 million euros per day, affecting the Catalan economy and the rest of Spain.

The representatives of the sector in the CEOE warn of the fatigue of their businessmen and of the professional drivers by this type of blockades and disturbances, already suffered recently before the general elections and also caused by groups like the CDR, after knowing the sentence on the ' procés' of the Supreme Court.

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