The data on unemployment and affiliation to Social Security for the month of July show the enormous effort of the business sector and workers to recover economic normality and return to activity, in an environment of great uncertainty marked by the outbreaks of Covid -19, international mobility restrictions and the decisions of some countries around us.

Despite the fall in unemployment in July of 89,849 people and its corresponding increase in affiliation that reaches 161,217 employed, taking into account the good behavior of employment usually in the summer months, mainly associated with seasonal activities in the service sector , seasonally adjusted data shows that, in Spain, only 17.38% of the job lost during the Covid-19 crisis has been recovered, even though two out of three people included in ERTE during the health crisis have already left this situation.

Furthermore, the data shows that in one year unemployment has increased by 761,601 people and there are 747,656 fewer members, all of which are very worrying figures if we take into account the paralysis of demand in key sectors of our economy, due to its driving effect, such as tourism, and the uncertainties that hang over the Spanish economy after the summer hiatus.

The intensity of this health crisis and its effects on economic activity and employment, oblige not only to maintain the measures already adopted over time, but to intensify them to provide adaptability, legal certainty and confidence to companies and investors, implemented through through social dialogue, in a situation as exceptional as the one we are experiencing right now.

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