CEOE calls for a rapid application of the agreed measures to guarantee the survival of the productive fabric and employment

The unemployment and affiliation data for the month of October reflect an apparently positive trend, which nevertheless must be analyzed with great caution.

These data, as will be seen, are deeply conditioned by the evolution of the pandemic and the heterogeneous impact of sanitary containment measures in the different sectors of activity.

Thus, unemployment grows by almost 50,000 people, mainly focused on the service sectors, with more than 30,000 more unemployed, and more than 10,000 in agriculture, for very different reasons. While the first is being deeply affected by outbreaks and sanitary restraint and containment measures, the second responds to issues of seasonality.

Likewise, the increase in affiliation by about 114,000 people is mainly focused on the education sector, with more than 135,000 more affiliates, and in the public sector, with more than 27,000 people, responding to the demand for professionals to face the Rotating and social distancing measures implemented in the education and public sectors as a whole.

This reality contrasts with the vertiginous drop in membership in the hospitality sector, with more than 85,000 fewer members, being one of the most affected by outbreaks and health containment measures, to which it also has more of 211,000 members in ERTE, and whose short-term situation is worrying or, at least, uncertain.

In this sense, it is essential to remember the importance of accompanying measures for the sectors of activity hardest hit by the effects of the pandemic and health containment measures, particularly those related to ERTE, agreed by the social partners CEOE, CEPYME , CCOO and UGT and the Government in the III Social Agreement in Defense of Employment that was translated into Royal Decree Law 30/2020, and whose figures are not yet reflected in the data made public today. These measures, aimed at guaranteeing the survival of the productive fabric and employment, require a rapid application and adjusted to what has been agreed.

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