CEOE has prepared the report entitled ‘No company should stop its R + D + I activities’ with the aim of placing innovation among the priorities of companies and Administrations in this phase of gradual recovery of economic activity.

This is a key factor, not only to obtain added value, but also, in the current context of crisis, to ensure the survival of many companies through gains in competitiveness.

The document aims from this perspective to offer proposals so that, in the necessary recovery of the normal rhythm of economic cycles, companies prioritize their commitment to innovation, development and research, and that many others join this activity.

In this sense, the document considers it essential to achieve the average investment in R & D & I of the most advanced European countries in the shortest possible time, so as not to lose international competitiveness.

Furthermore, R & D & I is not just a matter for companies. It is a bet for the whole of society, since, as this crisis has taught us, technology plays an essential role not only in the competitiveness of companies, but also in solving the great challenges of humanity.

From this perspective, the Administration should become even more involved in promoting R + D + I. There is no doubt that the public sector plays a fundamental driving role and its leadership is necessary to promote research, innovation and technological development. This effort should also be continued over time, regardless of political swings.

At the same time, the role of large companies as driving elements of the innovative national ecosystem is undeniable and this aspect must be given special attention.

On the other hand, the report emphasizes that in all the actions that are promoted by the Administration, special attention must be paid to SMEs, which have fewer resources and credit capacity, but which are fundamental links in the value chain of industrial sectors.

R + D + i proposal

More in detail, from CEOE a State Pact is proposed between all political forces to ensure a continuous R&D effort aligned with the European average, apart from government changes to ensure the competitiveness of Spanish companies.

The review of the development of the Spanish Science, Technology and Innovation Strategy and the business financing instruments is also proposed, so that the new reality caused by the health crisis is taken into account.

Other key points are the strengthening of the system of tax incentives for R & D & I and the development of driving macroprojects, as well as the rationalization and harmonization of the regulations that regulate the Spanish system of science, technology and innovation.

On the other hand, stimulating the protection of innovation through Industrial Property at the international level constitutes a fundamental aspect in the policy of maintaining a strongly innovative business fabric. This protection is the one that makes the innovative effort profitable and gives Spanish companies an advantageous competitive position at European and international level, in particular, compared to companies from other countries.

At European level, given the importance of supporting R&D and innovation and its effect on industrial recovery, the need to commit to a greater weight of Pillars II and III of the next Framework Program should be transferred to the European Commission Horizon Europe, in which companies have a greater role and, therefore, a determined commitment to Innovation.

Report ‘No company should stop its R + D + I activities’

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