The CEOE Campus general director, Mª Teresa Gómez Condado, and the president of the NGO Mujeres en Igualdad, Carmen Fúnez, have signed a collaboration agreement in order to promote the talent of women through the CEOE Campus female leadership projects .

In the words of Gómez Condado, “from CEOE Campus we work to help make female talent visible, and a good example of this is the successful project Promote, which has just started its eighth edition, and the project Progress, which begins its second edition in October ”.

For her part, Carmen Fúnez expressed her enthusiasm after the agreement reached: “We signed for Mujeres en Igualdad to act as a channel of communication and dynamization of the training activity of CEOE Campus, to enrich ourselves as an association, and to be useful to many women at this time and many companies in our country. "

He Promote project, launched in 2013, aims to increase the presence of women in positions of high responsibility by identifying and promoting female talent. It has a comprehensive program to strengthen the professional and leadership skills of women, in addition to sensitizing companies on equality.

He draft Progress aims to provide high-potential women with the tools and skills necessary to boost their professional careers and assume positions or roles of greater responsibility in companies in the future, focusing on emerging leaders to achieve the same goal in management positions . Both projects are intended to support female talent, make it visible and also sensitize companies about the necessary gender balance in decision-making, and make equality a key factor in business development and as a fundamental boost to the competitiveness of companies. Business.

The first action of the Progresa Project It was held on September 15, in a presentation webinar called by Women in Equality, where its president announced this agreement and gave the floor to Natalia Martínez, director of the Progresa Project. In her speech, Natalia Martínez explained in detail the project she directs, how the Second Edition will be developed, how to participate, and solved the doubts that the participants raised. (Watch Webinar)

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