CEOE Campus and Thomson Reuters will train managers to face the challenges of cybersecurity after COVID-19

The cybersecurity It is one of the most important concepts in a hyper-connected world, being essential for national security and for the digital economy. The Digital Security It has become a priority in organizations and companies, as evidenced by the increase in cyberattacks in recent months.

This situation shows the need for people with responsibility in the organization, to acquire, the basic competencies and / or capacities to be able to face the most common challenges presented by the digital environment, such as social engineering, malware, management of passwords, etc.

CEOE Campus, joins Thomson Reuters, to respond to this need, with the course Cybersecurity Keys, which will begin on March 1, 2021. A 20-hour training itinerary whose objectives will sensitize professionals about the need to protect their information and that of their companies, understand the aspects of cybersecurity that influence the protection of information , understand how cybercriminals work and how to discover them, know tools that help protect information, analyze risks and know how to manage incidents.

A joint commitment of CEOE Campus and Thomson Reuters

This training proposal is the result of the agreement signed between CEOE Campus and Thomson Reuters. By virtue of this agreement, both entities will work together to develop a series of training, informative and specialization programs in legal or parajuridical matters.

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