CEOE Campus Y SingularityU Spain Summit They have signed the collaboration agreement for the second meeting organized in Madrid.

SingularityU Spain Summit is one of the International Summits of Singularity University (SU), an organization based in Silicon Valley. The Summit, through its 20 ‘international speakers,, exponential technology experts, will show the future of the world through current and future cutting-edge technologies. Knowing these technological advances and their applications allows companies and their professionals to understand the changes and make strategic decisions.

SingularityU Spain Summit will take place next March 30 and 31 2020. In it, global experts in exponential technologies from Silicon Valley will meet and share the implications of these technologies for professionals and businesses. In addition, the vanguard of technological progress present here in Spain will also be shown at the meeting. The experience of the Summit will not be limited to the conferences since it will have elements that enrich it, such as the possibility of contact with the ‘speakers‘, networking spaces, access to the APP of the Summit, among others.

From CEOE Campus, in its interest to accompany companies and their professionals in the avant-garde tendencies, it makes it once more feasible for its clients through this collaboration.

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