The permanent secretary of CEIB and general director of CEOE International, Narciso Casado; the vice president of the Spanish Confederation of Young Entrepreneurs (CEAJE), Antonio Magraner; the representative of the Ibero-American Federation of Young Entrepreneurs (FIJE), Víctor Ábalos; the president of ANDI del Futuro, Juan Duarte; and the ambassador of Spain in Colombia, Pablo Gómez de Olea, participated yesterday at the Spain-Colombia Business Meeting: "Youth and Entrepreneurship: a commitment to Development". The permanent secretary of CEIB also participated in the presentation of the Latin Impact Summit 2019 on ODS and the 2030 Agenda for Ibero-America, which will be held in December this year at the United Nations headquarters in New York. Bogotá is the first stop of the roadshow that Casado carries out these days in Colombia, El Salvador and Chile until June 6.

Business Meeting

The Spain-Colombia Business Encounter focused on the importance of youth entrepreneurship as the axis of development and as an instrument of social inclusion and intergenerational cohesion. The event served to visualize the experience of social, economic and cultural undertakings of the young people of the Spanish companies attending and spoke of various business issues that can offer a new perspective to entrepreneurs, political leaders and experts participating in the event.

During his speech, the permanent secretary of CEIB, Narciso Casado, stressed that the Council of Ibero-American Entrepreneurs was born in 2015 and emerged as an initiative supported by the OIE, in order to highlight the competitive factors common to entrepreneurs. Ibero-American countries and contribute to the better economic and social development of the countries of the region. Casado emphasized that, through entrepreneurship, the exchange of knowledge and business opportunities, Latin American economies can be developed in a more sustainable way, improving the quality of life.

The director of CEOE International pointed out that young entrepreneurs, through youth entrepreneurship, are the central axis of economic development, contributing to the generation of employment, and promoting a better economic distribution. He also stressed the strategic relevance of the youth entrepreneurship sector from the social point of view, as it constitutes a bridge of ideal access to the labor market and social inclusion of young people, as well as an important element in the development of social and sustainable enterprises. .

Casado highlighted on behalf of CEIB, CEOE and CEAJE, with the aim of improving the current legislative framework and the so-called entrepreneur ecosystem, various initiatives to defend the main demands of young entrepreneurs before public actors. In this sense, he spoke of the need to reduce bureaucratic obstacles and tax pressure; improve access to financing; integrate in the tax system a deduction for investment in capital of newly created business projects; simplify the contracting systems, by means of a rationalization in the system of bonuses and reductions in contracts; and reinforce the entrepreneurial culture. "The culture of entrepreneurship, of creating companies and being entrepreneurs is not fully integrated into our societies. Ibero-America has to change its discourse, its message and open spaces to new approaches, new ideas and decisively support the culture of entrepreneurship, "he said.

Retention of talent

The permanent secretary of CEIB stressed that it is essential to train and educate our young people, instilling values ​​and business vocation in the early stages of learning, losing the fear of failure. In this regard, Casado indicated that another important chapter is digital entrepreneurship using education, innovation and specific fiscal policies. To improve these issues, he said, one must address and correct one of the main problems of the Ibero-American region: the retention of talent, since 40% of young people want to emigrate to other countries.

Therefore, "this implies the implementation of business training programs, which should be accompanied by measures with policies of acceptance and retention of talent by governments," explained Casado. No less important, he added, is that one of the most important links should be business organizations, with criteria such as unity, responsibility and representativeness. In fact, he indicated that from the business organizations work closely with young entrepreneurs through their representative organizations, in the case of Spain, the Ajes.

Commission for the Promotion of Entrepreneurship

Among the specific policies of support for youth entrepreneurship carried out by CEOE, Casado highlighted the creation of the Commission for the Promotion of Entrepreneurship, whose action is based on highlighting and highlighting the role of business as a driver of economic growth and progress sustained social It also aims to promote respect and knowledge among companies and business values ​​among young people; strengthen communication channels with public administrations; and contribute to the better knowledge and understanding of intrapreneurship, fostering innovation and creativity within companies.

Casado also mentioned the close collaboration that CEOE has with CEAJE and the boost that has been given to all associative initiatives at the international level, in the case of Europe and Latin America, through CEIB and participation in Ibero-American summits; and in Asia and the MENA-OECD countries, through the working group "OECD-MENA Business Advisory Board".

Finally, the CEOE of CEOE International made CEIB's support available to attendees, through the exchange of information on the business ecosystems available to them and the active and direct participation in the business spaces of Ibero-American summits. Heads of State and Government. He also mentioned the upcoming celebration of the Ibero-American Forum of the Mipyme, which will be held on the 2nd and 3rd of July in Buenos Aires.

Latino Impact Summit 2019

Narciso Casado and Antonio Magraner also participated in the presentation of the Latin Impact Alliance, an event that will be held on December 3 at the UN headquarters in New York. The Latino Impact Summit is one of the few events in Spanish held at the United Nations, bringing together leaders from all sectors to propose solutions for the region. Its main objective will be to discuss the challenges and opportunities of economic growth in Latin America.

During the Summit, the invited leaders will meet at work tables to promote projects in the region and will participate in discussion panels, where they will address issues of education, tourism, gender equity and entrepreneurship. Each year the Summit selects a country to highlight its impact actions promoting the sustainable development and growth of the region. The country selected for 2019 will be Colombia.

El Salvador and Chile

After the events held in Colombia, the director of CEOE International travels to El Salvador, along with a delegation of representatives of the construction sector, headed by the president of CNC (National Confederation of Construction), Juan Lazcano. In the Salvadoran capital, he will hold meetings with representatives of official institutions and business organizations and will attend on Saturday, September 1, the solemn session of inauguration of the President-elect of the Republic, Nayib Bukele.

On June 4 and 5, Casado will participate in Santiago de Chile in the "International Meeting: the participation of the private sector in international cooperation for development", in which the Ibero-American General Secretary, Rebeca Grynspan, will also speak. During his visit to Chile, the permanent secretary of CEIB will also hold a meeting with representatives of the Confederation of Production and Commerce (CPC).

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