The president of CEPYME, Gerardo Cuerva, has pointed to digitization as a fundamental pillar for the management of the customer experience, as well as new communication and marketing strategies to meet customer demands, adapt to them and improve loyalty, as well has indicated the quality and abundant information available to customers to acquire producer or services in the multiple available channels.

The professor of ESIC, Juan Carlos Alcaide, has highlighted in his paper the challenges facing a digital society from the cognitive marketing framework, which is also in a process of transformation and search for new vectors with personalization and automation as challenges and fundamental foci, through levers such as Big Data or increased intelligence.

The round table in which representatives of the companies Philips, BMW, Orange and IBM participated, under the title Customer Experience in a Digitalized World, We have discussed the different strategies of customer analysis, quality processes and data collection, in addition to the need for companies to adapt to a rapidly evolving market where the knowledge of customers and their demands is growing.

The forum was closed by the Director of Companies and Organizations of CEOE, Javier Calderón, who invited attendees to continue working to improve the customer experience, noting that forums like this serve to pool knowledge for the improvement of services of our companies and the competitiveness of our business network.

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