CEOE-CEPYME statement 09-25-2020

From CEOE and Cepyme we insist once again that legal certainty is essential for the proper functioning of the economy because it provides the necessary confidence for Spanish companies to carry out their activity in a predictable framework. This stability necessarily depends on everyone's respect for the institutions of the State.

Those who do not walk in this direction will only postpone and make more difficult the economic and social recovery that we all long for.

Therefore, CEOE and Cepyme today express their unconditional support for the Spanish Constitution, which has protected the most prosperous years in the recent history of our country, and therefore for the Parliamentary Monarchy, symbol of our Democracy.

In this sense, Spanish companies expressly want to convey our support to S.M. King Felipe VI, whom we thank for his dedication to our country and his fundamental and indispensable role in supporting our companies, especially in these last months of crisis.

On the contrary, we show our most absolute rejection of the fact that some instances of our country, with statements against the Head of State, seek to divide and confront Spanish society.

As we have always defended, we reiterate that Spain, more than ever, needs unity, stability and trust in these moments of crisis.

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