The data on unemployment, hiring and affiliation to the Social Security, in a month traditionally characterized by the increase in seasonal employment, show a further decline in unemployment and growth of membership, which represent a further advance in the recovery path of the job.

In this context, the CEOE reiterates the need to achieve an institutional environment that ensures the social and political stability and legal security that help to stimulate investment and the process of economic recovery and job creation.

The businessmen also insist on the importance of having a regulatory framework that stimulates economic activity. And with this, make it possible to increase the competitiveness of Spanish companies and their capacity to adapt to constant changes, supporting them in the recovery process, in a way that translates into an intense job creation.

CEOE recalls that a major problem in the Spanish labor market is that, despite the high membership volumes, high unemployment figures persist, with a marked structural character. It becomes precise, in this sense, reinforce active policies and, in particular, permanent training that will be more relevant if possible, with a view to the future, with digital transformation.

Finally, it points out the close link between employment and the viability of the pension system. At this time, the affiliate / pensioner ratio stands at 2.32 and would improve if the structural unemployment rate were reduced.

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