Unemployment is growing, in monthly and seasonally adjusted terms, despite the rise in Social Security affiliation, which responds mainly to public sector contracting, more specifically, in the field of education.

This shows, for the third consecutive month, a fall in employment, more pronounced in the private sector, which is accusing the slowdown of the world and European economy and uncertainty and lack of confidence, affecting internal and external demand.

In this context, it is essential to guarantee political and institutional stability and open a new stage of dialogue and consensus. This is the only way to achieve predictability and legal certainty, both conditions necessary to maintain and increase the confidence of citizens, businesses and investors. Business activity responds positively to measures that guarantee stability and moderation.

In adverse moments, economic policy must set up a climate of stability favorable to business activity and job creation.

The number of unemployed increases in the month of October by 97,948 people, to 3,177,659 unemployed. Although we are facing the lowest unemployment figure in a month of October since 2008, it is significant that it is the largest increase in that month since 2012. On the other hand, in seasonally adjusted terms, unemployment rises by 29,153 people.

In the valuation of these data it cannot be ignored that October is a traditionally negative month for employment, to which the slowdown of the world economy, uncertainty and lack of confidence joins this year.

The balance of the last 12 months reflects a drop in unemployment in 77,044 registered unemployed, with an interannual rate that slows down to -2.37%.

In addition, we continue to exceed three and a half million unemployed -3,639,478- if we count those excluded from the official lists for being in one of the situations regulated in the Order of March 11, 1985 and, specifically, for being training courses or being job seekers with “limited availability” or with “specific job demand”.

Social Security Affiliation

Faced with the growth of registered unemployment, Social Security affiliation data reflects a rise compared to the previous month by 106,541 people, which is the second largest increase in the historical series in the month of October, behind that produced last year, clearly associated with growth in the public sector and especially in education.

In addition, in seasonally adjusted terms, membership increases by 56,194 people. The number of employed members is 19,429,993.

In interannual terms, membership increases by 436,920 people, of which 424,193 correspond to the General Regime. Thus, the positive interannual rate reflects a slight drop and stands at 2.30%.

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