The president of CEOE, Antonio Garamendi, proposed to the General Assembly of CEOE held today in Madrid the expansion of the number of vice-presidencies of the Confederation, the proposal being approved unanimously. In this way, CEOE has gone on to have 10 vice-presidencies.

The five new vice presidencies are added to those of Gerardo Cuerva, president of CEPYME; Pilar González de Frutos, president of Unespa; Josep Sanchez Llibre, president of the National Work Promotion, Salvador Navarro, president of the Business Confederation of the Valencian Community, CEV, and Miguel Garrido, new president of CEIM and who also is elected vice president of CEOE.

In a first intervention, the president of CEOE welcomed all attendees and informed the Constitution of the Assembly Table, made up of the vice-presidents and the general secretary of CEOE, José Alberto González-Ruiz. In addition, he recalled the work of both the former president Juan Rosell and the general secretary, Ana Plaza, "who, until the last General Electoral Assembly in November, piloted, with their good work, the constant activity of CEOE".

Antonio Garamendi

Later, in his closing speech to the General Assembly of CEOE, Antonio Garamendi stressed that "the world is experiencing a paradigm shift", in which entrepreneurs face multiple challenges, such as globalization, digitalization and innovation. In this sense, he affirmed that a greater investment in R & D is needed, and he qualified as "meager" 1.3% of the GDP that is destined in Spain to this item.

Regarding the ecological transition, the president of CEOE said that "the Sustainable Development Goals, ODS, are marking our future and the strategic plan of the Confederation as an imprint," while ensuring that businessmen will be in that position. process, "managing it responsibly". The commitment of the Confederation to lead the SDGs has motivated the new impulse that is giving to the CEOE Foundation. In this line, Antonio Garamendi reiterated his invitation to employers to "mark the X for the Third Sector in Corporate Tax", describing it as an "act of responsibility".

Antonio Garamendi also put the focus on the need to increase the weight of industry in Spain to 20% of GDP, to meet the goal set for 2020. Currently, counting the electricity sector, this percentage is only 16.5% , and of 11.5% if this sector is excluded.

Another point on which the president emphasized taxation, since, according to his words, "is another way to break the competitiveness of companies", and stressed the differences between social contributions in Spain, of 30%, and in the rest of the EU, where they are below 25%; or in Corporate Tax, with a rate of 25% in our country, compared to 22.5% of the European average. In addition, Antonio Garamendi again demanded legislative efficiency and market unity.

The fight against the underground economy was another element highlighted by the president of CEOE in his speech, highlighting that its weight in the GDP is 22% and that it would contribute 200,000 million euros to the state coffers. And in reference to the political situation, the president of CEOE has once again asked for "responsibility, stability and moderation".

General secretary

The general secretary of CEOE said that, during 2018, the Confederation has developed an intense work in all areas, reinforcing its presence and visibility in those forums, organizations and institutions, national and international, "where decisions are made that affect the entrepreneurs, with the aim of representing them and defending their interests ".

In this regard, he indicated that CEOE has consolidated its presence in the day to day of the parliamentary and legislative activity, with proposals that strengthen the productive fabric, not only in Spain but also throughout the EU. He also recalled that the business Confederation maintains its firm and determined commitment to social dialogue, within which the IV Agreement for Employment and Collective Bargaining, AENC, was signed.

In the field of training, José Alberto González-Ruiz stressed the momentum that CEOE permanently gives to the Dual Vocational Training model in Spain, from the Alliance for Dual Vocational Training of which CEOE is a founding partner.

CEOE has also launched initiatives aimed at promoting the University-Enterprise relationship and also referred to the Promociona Project, which serves to boost women's access to positions of high responsibility in companies and institutions and in which 612 directives have already taken part. of 360 companies that have been part of this CEOE initiative.


Juan Pablo Lázaro intervened as president of the Committee on Budgetary and Financial Control. He presented CEOE budgets for the 2019 financial year, including the setting of accounts and liquidation of those corresponding to 2018 with the presentation of the Independent Audit and Annual Accounts report for the year ended December 31, 2018. It was approved.

On the other hand, the president of the Internal Regime Commission, Pilar González de Frutos, in her speech referred to the four points specified in the agenda, which were: ratification of registrations and increase of memberships; the decreases and reductions of vowels; the proposal to modify the Statutes and the criteria for the composition of the Board of Directors.

Statute Reform

In the case of the amendment of the Statutes, the president's proposal to increase the number of vice-presidents was approved. Hence, it was proposed to increase the maximum number of members of the Executive Committee, passing it to 55; and increase the maximum number of vice presidents to 10.

Also increase the maximum number of members representing the organizations on the Board of Directors and increase the deadline for submitting candidatures to the president.

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