The president of the Council of Tourism, Culture and Sports of CEOE, Marta Blanco, participated in the official presentation of the Spanish Association of Clubs of Karate, recently created, held at the headquarters of the Confederation in Madrid, which highlighted the relevance of sport in Spain, in its society and in its economy.

Marta Blanco said that last year she entered Spain more than one and a half million foreign tourists for sporting reasons, and that 4.1% of the trips of Spanish residents abroad They were also made for these reasons. He also indicated that the Council of Tourism, Culture and Sports of the CEOE has proposed three main objectives: to analyze the problems of sport in its business environment, to present proposals to solve them and identify challenges and challenges of this highly relevant subject.

The event was also attended by the president of the Royal Spanish Federation of Karate, RFEK, Antonio Moreno, who highlighted that it is one of the sports with more practitioners in Spain, around 100,000; 72,000 federated athletes and more than 1,700 clubs. He also stressed the need to solve the intrusion.

For his part, Enrique Conde, president of CEOE Cepyme Cantabria, highlighted the benefits of karate, and of sport in general, highlighting the role of associationism as a vehicle to transfer this importance to the different administrations, while highlighting the values ​​of This sport discipline, order, work and respect.

Finally, Norberto Ortiz, president of the Spanish Association of Karate Clubs, said that this new business association project, which can be part of both non-profit sports clubs and companies and freelancers, seeks to promote this sport in Spain, betting on the professionalization of the sector.

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