CEOE has hosted this Sunday, December 8, within the framework of the Climate Summit (COP25), a day organized by the BizMEF (The Major Economies Business Forum on energy security and climate change), the organization in which the main Global business organizations to meet the challenges of climate change.

The objective of this meeting was to discuss the role of companies in the process of decarbonization of economies, among other matters. For this, it has had the presence of the High Level Champion of the COP25, Gonzalo Muñoz.

During his speech, he highlightedin need of seeking efficiency in climate actions, focusing efforts on those aspects that are fundamental, as well as the important role that companies are called to play, as relevant actors in the absence of more determined action by the Governments

For its part, the president of CEOE International, Marta Blanco, stressed that this day has been organized precisely at a time when the Confederation is trying to lead an action for the most vigorous climate.

Blanco pointed out, on the other hand, that, in this way, some economic sectors face the challenge of decarbonization without even having the necessary technologies, something that administrations should take into account.

At the same time, he recalled that the fact that not all governments have the same levels of ambition regarding climate change means that imbalances in terms of competitiveness can occur.

“This dialogue that we welcome today at CEOE is crucial: research and innovation, employment and transformation… what we know without a doubt is that the only way to face this process in the future is to strengthen public-private collaboration”, has concluded in this context.

The BizMEF was created in February 2009 from the agreement reached that year in Copenhagen by the business organizations of the main economies to exchange views on climate change.

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