CEOE integrates Makro as a new member

The agreement for this integration has been signed by the CEO of MAKRO, Peter Gries, and the Director of Companies and Organizations of CEOE, Javier Calderón.

Thanks to this incorporation, MAKRO will participate in CEOE's advisory bodies, mainly in its Competitiveness, Trade and Consumer committees; Commission for Social Dialogue and Employment; as well as in the International Relations Commission (CEOE Internacional).

In the words of Peter Gries, CEO of MAKRO: “For MAKRO it is an honor to announce the integration into CEOE. We trust that it will be a fruitful collaboration that will allow us to create synergies for both parties. We are committed to offering all our knowledge and experience as partners in the hospitality sector to advance and add value to the business fabric of our country ”.

According to Javier Calderón, CEOE Director of Companies and Organizations: “For CEOE it is a pleasure to have a company like MARKO integrated into our Confederation, and we believe that the participation of this company in our committees and working groups will be a great contribution of knowledge and value ”.

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