The president of CEOE Internacional, Marta Blanco, participated in the meeting of the ICEX Strategic Orientation Council, where the Post-Covid Shock Plan was presented in support of the internationalization of the Spanish company, as well as the ICEX 2021 Strategic Plan- 2022. In his speech, Blanco considered the Shock Plan very necessary for the foreign sector to have a relevant role in the economic recovery. The Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, Reyes Maroto also spoke at the conference; the Secretary of State for Commerce, Xiana Méndez; the CEO of ICEX, María Peña, and representatives of CEOE, Cepyme, the Spanish Chamber of Commerce, the Exporters Club and the Leading Brands Forum.

The Minister of Industry, Tourism and Commerce, Reyes Maroto, assured during her participation in the Council that "the foreign sector must be positioned as a pillar of growth and job creation in the Spanish economic and social recovery". He also highlighted the Government's effort to protect the productive fabric and employment through an effective safety net from which the whole of Spanish society has benefited. Lastly, he highlighted the strength of the Spanish business fabric, "which will be able to reaffirm its position in the international market as soon as the recovery begins," he declared.

The Secretary of State for Trade, Xiana Méndez, underlined the main lines of the Post-COVID Shock Plan and the Action Plan for the Internationalization of the Spanish Economy 2021-2022. In this sense, he mentioned that the main objectives of this Plan are to preserve the productive fabric, with special attention to SMEs, mitigating the impact of the crisis on the foreign sector; ensure that the foreign sector is configured as a pillar of growth and employment; and enhance the resilience capacity of said sector when export activity resumes normally.

The CEO of ICEX, María Peña, presented, in turn, the 'ICEX 2021-22 Strategic Plan', the pillars of which focus on digitization, sustainability and market diversification as competitiveness mechanisms abroad.

Shock plan crucial to economic recovery

Marta Blanco, in her speech, thanked the plan that she considers very necessary if we want the foreign sector to have a relevant role in the economic recovery. The measures that have been included are all very positive, he considered, but some of them substantially. As for the PASE (Strategic Sector Action Plans), he continued, it is important to know if the list will be modified to adapt to the situation caused by the pandemic and if the United Kingdom will have its own action plan once it ends the current transitional period after leaving the European Union.

Regarding the ICEX sector plans, CEOE appreciated the flexibility that has been introduced in the execution of this year and asked if the current circumstances do not require a revision of the criteria. Regarding financing instruments, they are fundamental, he assured, highlighting the non-reimbursable financing of feasibility studies to respond to the need for a strategic portfolio of country projects. On the other hand, in the current situation, business meetings in which authorities from other countries participate, so that companies can have knowledge of the respective recovery plans, are very necessary. Finally, among other measures, Marta Blanco referred to economic sanctions with extraterritorial effects and to the sectors that are being particularly affected by the rise in tariffs in third countries, among which she cited the agri-food sector.

Representatives of other business organizations and entities, as well as sectoral associations and companies, also intervened to acknowledge the efforts made by the Ministry to support the internationalization of companies, and draw attention to the most urgent measures “for the foreign sector to continue being a fundamental lever of recovery ”.

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