The CEO of International CEOE and permanent secretary of the Council of Ibero-American Businessmen, CEIB, Narciso Casado, has intervened in business events held within the framework of the General Assembly of the Ibero-American Federation of Young Entrepreneurs, FIJE, which has taken place in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, to elect the new Executive Commission for management 2019-2021. During the session, Casado He has highlighted the joint work carried out by CEIB, FIJE and SEGIB to promote youth entrepreneurship in the Latin American region. It will also close at the X Iberoamerican Congress of Young Entrepreneurs-IMPACT, created by FIJE and organized by the Association of Young Entrepreneurs and Professionals of Santa CRUZ, Juventud Empresa, in which sub-40 entrepreneurs, business executives and professionals from various sectors will participate . Casado has also held meetings with representatives of business organizations in the country and the region.

FIJE General Assembly

The permanent secretary of CEIB has highlighted in the General Assembly of FIJE the importance of the events held in Santa Cruz, since through entrepreneurship and knowledge sharing, the development of all the youth of Latin America is promoted. From CEIB, he has indicated, they are fully aware that Young entrepreneurs, through youth entrepreneurship, are the central axis of economic development, contributing to job creation and promoting better economic distribution, identifying and responding to the needs of each country, thus improving the quality of life of our societies.

Casado has stressed that CEIB in collaboration with the Ibero-American General Secretariat, SEGIB, have promoted various initiatives to promote development based on social, technological, entrepreneurship and innovation impact. To this end, he pointed out, it was decided to promote the direct participation of young entrepreneurs in the business spaces of the Ibero-American summits of heads of State and Government, in Asia and, more recently, in the OECD-MENA countries -Nort of Africa and the Middle East – where there is a working group made up of representatives from CEAJE and the organizations of young entrepreneurs in those countries.

Collaboration CEIB, FIJE and SEGIB

In the Ibero-American environment, Casado has pointed out, it is important to highlight the importance of the work carried out by the FIJE and the associations of young national entrepreneurs such as Juventud Empresa, in Bolivia.

With a young population of 163 million, Ibero-America is in an advantageous demographic situation to boost entrepreneurship. Therefore, Casado, from Santa Cruz, has talked about the efforts made by the organizations of young entrepreneurs, represented by FIJE, in collaboration with the Council of Ibero-American Businessmen (CEIB) and the Ibero-American General Secretariat, undertaking joint activities.

Proof of this is the recent Forum of Latin American MSMEs, held last July in Buenos Aires; or the business meeting in May 2019 in Bogotá, organized by FIJE, CEAJE and ANDI del Futuro on “Youth and Entrepreneurship; a commitment to development ”. In both activities, Narciso Casado has participated, who has highlighted the specific policies to support youth entrepreneurship carried out by CEOE, pursuing the commitments acquired within the 2030 Agenda, such as the creation of the Entrepreneurship Development Commission. The latter aims to respond to the interest of CEOE and its organizations and associated companies to promote, both among young people and in society in general, a positive attitude towards the role played by the entrepreneur and a greater knowledge of business reality.

The Commission's objectives are to highlight the role of the company as an engine of economic growth and sustained social progress; foster respect and knowledge about business and business values ​​among young people; strengthen communication channels with public administrations; and contribute to the better knowledge and understanding of intrapreneurship, promoting innovation and creativity within companies, through the organization of seminars and presentations and through collaboration in internal intrapreneurship programs and projects in partner companies. Casado has summed up the thinking of young people in one sentence: "Entrepreneurs are not apprentices of entrepreneurs, but are entrepreneurs and must be treated as such."

X Iberoamerican Congress of Young Entrepreneurs-IMPACT

In the X Iberoamerican Congress of Young Entrepreneurs – IMPACT, created by FIJE and organized by the Association of Young Entrepreneurs and Professionals of Santa Cruz, Youth Company, sub-40 entrepreneurs, business executives and professionals from various sectors participate, to expand their networks contacts and exchange criteria about the latest trends in innovation, entrepreneurship, technology and social impact. The congress will focus on four areas, with the purpose of encouraging entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs to specialize in contributing to the improvement of their businesses. Therefore, the speakers and panelists will address issues related to the financial centers and their interconnection; the development of transport and logistics hubs; sciences within companies and their impact; and startups and technology in large companies.

Bilateral meetings

During his visit, Casado has held meetings with representatives of associations of young entrepreneurs, AJES, of the region and with the president of the Confederation of Private Entrepreneurs of Bolivia -homologist of CEOE-, Luis Barbery. The permanent secretary of CEIB has coincided with the first vice president of the National Association of Young Entrepreneurs, ANJE, of the Dominican Republic and member of the Board of Directors of the homologous employer of CEOE in the country, COPARDOM, Radhamés Martínez. Both have analyzed future collaboration plans between both institutions and bet on the commitment of regional integration.

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