The Deputy Director of CEOE International, Álvaro Schweinfurth, has intervened in the panel “Dead angles and blockades: how to revitalize and update the WTO through reform”, one of the sessions of the 2019 WTO Public Forum organized by the Global Business Coalition (GBC) last Friday, October 11.

In his speech, Schweinfurth said that Spain is one of the countries that has benefited most from trade openness and a multilateral rule body guaranteed by the World Trade Organization. In this regard, he declared that the process of internationalization of the Spanish economy has been especially intense in recent years and that the foreign sector has become one of the pillars of growth of the Spanish economy. Therefore, he said, he also regrets the paralysis of the organization, which since the Uruguay round has not produced significant results.

Likewise, the Deputy Director of CEOE International commented on the great transformation of trade, as a result of the growing weight of emerging countries, the different rules with which companies operate in international trade, the incidence of new technologies in international trade and The importance of trade in services. He also mentioned that the negotiations followed under the “single undertaking” principle are no longer as easy to undertake as before, and considered it necessary to opt for the modality of plurilateral negotiations. Finally, he expressed the urgent need to overcome the blockage in the appointment of the judges of the appeal body, whose function is essential to ensure compliance with the rules in force.

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