The closing ceremony was carried out by the CEOE General Secretary, José Alberto González-Ruiz, who highlighted the commitment of entrepreneurs "to identify new business and investment opportunities." For his part, the Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey in Spain, Cihad Erginay, has also participated in the closing of the presentation stating that "this training program reflects the potential and benefits of investment in Turkey."

The initiative aims to facilitate companies the creation of specific internationalization projects in Turkey, a market that offers great business opportunities and with which Spain shares important synergies, which both the CEOE Training Business School, and the Investment Office of The Presidency of the Republic of Turkey wants to promote.

This program, which is aimed at those Spanish companies that seek growth through internationalization in the Turkish market, aims guide them in their external expansion, offering them strategic knowledge and effective working methods in that country, and encourage contact with Turkish businessmen and professionals for the establishment of professional networks with the aim of establishing collaborative relationships.

This I Edition of the Training Program for the internationalization of Spanish companies in Turkey will consist of five days in which experts in each area, professionals and companies that already operate in Turkey will guide participants through experiential training, in which institutions will also participate Turkish and Spanish.

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