CEOE has convened, together with ESADE, the sponsorship of Deloitte and the collaboration of the Women's Institute, the second edition of the "Progresa Project, Emerging Leaders"

The initiative aims to equip women with high potential with the tools and skills necessary to promote their professional careers and take onto go in a future positions of high responsibility in organizations.

The project is aimed at companies committed to equality and professional promotion of women. Companies that identify those profiles that they want to support and enhance, and that are committed to actively following their development. In addition, they are required to involve their management personnel in the mentoring process that is part of this project.

Progresa is part of the initiatives promoted by CEOE and the Women's Institute to promote female talent within organizations. It seeks to promote equality within a new business culture that knows how to identify, enhance and value talent. An effort that started with the Promote Project, and continue now with Progresa.

Both projects aim to support female talent, make it visible and also sensitize companies to the necessary gender balance in decision-making, as well as making equality a key factor in business development and a fundamental boost to the competitiveness of women. the companies.

This second edition of Progresa Project It has 35 places, 15% of which will be awarded scholarships. The scholarships will be awarded to candidates who, after accrediting the minimum requirements, certify other knowledge or merits, pass the selection process and, once the admission process is completed, obtain the best scores.

The candidates of companies participating in the initiative “More Women, Better Companies"—Pushed by the Secretary of State for Equality and against Gender Violence through the Institute for Women— who meet the requirements for access to the project, may participate in the selection process to access as beneficiaries of half of the places In this case, it is necessary that the companies have not previously participated in the project or in similar projects that have the collaboration of both institutions, such as the Promociona Project.

Nominations may be submitted until July 9, through the online platform enabled on the project's website: www.proyectoprogresa.es or ceoecampus.es/proyectoprogresa

More information: www.proyectoprogresa.es – Tel. 91 566 34 00 – progresa@ceoe.es

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