CEOE participates in the event organized by the University of Deusto "Tourism in Spain: keys to its reactivation"

On Thursday, December 10, the President of CEOE, Antonio Garamendi, and the President of the Council of Tourism, Culture and Sports of CEOE, Marta Blanco, participated in the event organized by the University of Deusto “Tourism in Spain: keys to its reactivation ”. This meeting tried to address the reactivation of tourism, through a joint and solid response from the sector. To do this, the most relevant actors in the industry were invited, with the aim that they could present points of view and proposals on the subject.

This event was attended by representatives of leading companies in the sector such as Iberia, AENA, Barceló or Room Mate Group; representatives of associations such as IATA and ALA; and representatives of public administrations. Among the latter, stand out Manuel Muñiz, Secretary of State for Global Spain, Pilar Aparicio, General Director of Public Health, Quality and Innovation, Miguel Sanz, General Director of Turespaña, Raúl Medina, General Director of Civil Aviation and Isabel Oliver, Expert in tourism and biodiversity at the Office of the Secretary General of the World Tourism Organization.

Speech by the President of CEOE

Antonio Garamendi participated in the closing of the event. He highlighted the generation of Marca España from tourism and its importance in our economy. The great value that this activity provides is being frustrated by the current crisis, which has led to measures being taken that have a direct impact on its value chain and its jobs. It is the sector that is suffering the most. He also reminded the hospitality industry, which is going through a difficult time.

On the other hand, he pointed out that it has gone from a liquidity problem to a solvency problem. CEOE has initially worked with ERTES, ICOS and other financing channels. However, it is time to work on direct aid lines that ensure solvency.
Finally, he emphasized that safe mobility must be streamlined with measures such as the implementation of faster tests.

Speech by the President of the Council of Tourism, Culture and Sports of CEOE

In her speech, Marta Blanco underlined the systemic importance of tourism in the Spanish economy. 16% of exports of goods and services come from this sector. The tourism industry drove the way out of the financial crisis by correcting imbalances such as the current account deficit and it must once again be the protagonist in the recovery.

For this to happen, it is essential to preserve the tourist offer. Thus, when demand increases again, Spanish companies will be there to meet their needs. Help is needed to preserve the business fabric. In this regard, dialogue and public-private collaboration are necessary, only then will the appropriate measures be implemented.

On the other hand, the challenges of digitization, sustainability and safe mobility must be faced. On this last point, Spain must be avant-garde in its management. International coordination in this matter is essential, although national coordination must not be forgotten either.

Finally, he advocated an adjustment in the calculation of the tourism competitiveness indicators to adapt them to the new reality.

You can check the full day at this link.

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