The C4, Committee on Competitiveness, Commerce and Consumption of CEOE began its journey last April. This is a historic step for the commerce sector, for the first time having a specific advisory body within the CEOE. The objective is to be the representative voice of trade in Spain to put in value before the public and social partners the contribution of the sector to society, and work to develop the competitiveness of trade. For this, it has among its members experts in the reality of all the formats and types of companies that operate in the sector: shopping centers, department stores, supermarkets and small businesses.

Today, the public presentation of this Commission has taken place, for which it has had the Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, Reyes Maroto, who has attended the same in order to know the project and Listen to the concerns of their representatives.

Reyes Maroto has stressed “The will to work together to improve the commerce sector”, so that “it continues to grow, continues to create wealth and employment and fulfill its social function”, While adding that it is important to achieve the“ visibility and enhancement of a strategic sector for this country ”.

Likewise, the acting minister has announced the creation of an Observatory of Commerce 4.0, within the framework of the Modernization Plan of Retail Trade, pending approval, which addresses the “great challenges” facing the sector with a horizon of five years from 2019.

For his part, Juan Antonio Germán, president of the Commission, has highlighted the minister's commitment to the development of the commercial sector, and stressed that the C4 is born from the need to better articulate the defense of the interests of such a relevant sector socially and economically, thus advancing in the construction of an institutional action unit driven by CEOE.

During the meeting the work was highlighted to make the interests of the different subsectors that form trade compatible, transferring a common vision in favor of business competitiveness and for the benefit of consumers and the productive economy. One of the main objectives of the Commission is to contribute to the analysis, study and monitoring of policies that affect commercial distribution, large consumption and commercial omnichannel to be able to make proposals to the Public Administrations and the legislative chambers.

To do this, within the Plan of Actions planned for the coming months, from C4 a Commercial Regulation Observatory will be launched that identifies any regional, national or community legislative project that may affect trade, thus contributing to a better and more simple regulation for business competitiveness. In addition, the Commission has initiated the elaboration of a document on Economic Impact of Trade through the CEOE Studies Service, which allows to measure in a scientific way the contribution of the commercial sector to GDP and employment in Spain.

Another of the lines of work already launched by the Commission is the drafting of a document on Security in Trade, especially focused on multi-recidivist theft and illegal sale, aspects that seriously affect the competitiveness of commercial companies.

The CEOE Competitiveness, Trade and Consumer Commission – C4 It was established last April with the objective that the commerce sector has a clear, identifiable and respected voice that values ​​its contribution to the public and social partners and contributes to the competitiveness of the commercial sector in Spain. Trade is a pillar of the Spanish economy that contributes about 12% of national GDP, one in four companies and around 20% of employment. The commercial activity in Spain adds a turnover of over 750,000 million euros, thanks to its more than 770,000 companies, according to INE data

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