CEOE presents the ‘CEOEXEuropa’ platform of the Technical Support Office for European Projects

This initiative seeks to offer complete and up-to-date information on European funds and their application in Spain and thus agglutinate and stimulate potential business demands. CEOE has bet, since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, to actively contribute to the recovery and transformation of the Spanish economy.

Thus, after the approval of the European Recovery Plan by the European Council, CEOE launched the Technical Support Office for European Projects, in collaboration with the consulting firm PwC.

One of the priorities of the Office has been to act as an information window for companies and business organizations. To this end, the digital platform has been launched CEOExEuropa, aimed at the entire productive fabric: SMEs, freelancers and large companies.

In this platform, companies will be able to learn in detail about the different instruments that make up the European Recovery Plan, the explanation of the priorities of the European Union and the key pillars defined by Spain. They will also be able to see different examples of projects that can be financed and the latest news of interest, emanating from direct contact with the Permanent Delegation of CEOE to the EU. For more information, it includes the possibility of subscribing to an alert system to receive the most relevant updates via email.

The platform aspires to become a key asset as a meeting point for Spanish companies, being free and open access. Furthermore, it is the first platform of its kind to be launched in Spain. The “CEOExEuropa” platform is only a first step, since in the coming months it will evolve in terms of content and functionalities, with the aim of reinforcing its usefulness and being permanently updated, being the Spanish window on European funds. In the long term, CEOE aspires to turn this platform into a comprehensive information hub on public funds.

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