In addition, businessmen emphasize the need to include in the European agenda the debate on a sector as important as tourism, in the face of such events.

CEOE supports and recognizes the rapid action of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism to mitigate the negative effects of the bankruptcy of Thomas Cook on Spanish companies and their workers, especially in the Balearic and Canary Islands, as well as in other usual destinations in Andalusia, Catalonia and Valencia.

The Confederation recalls that Europe is the world tourist destination par excellence, and that the tourism sector is strategic in the Spanish economy, both in GDP (11.7 percent) and in employment (12.8%), and that has an induced impact on other sectors such as catering, commerce or transport. In addition, this weight is essential in the economy of the islands and other tourist destinations.

For this reason, CEOE advocates strengthening the tourism perspective in those aspects that are addressed by European authorities and that affect tourism. Entrepreneurs share with the Government in office the need to adopt urgent national measures and propose concrete actions in such important areas as connectivity, taxation and labor.

Generating a system of incentives and marketing campaigns that facilitate and propitiate connectivity with the islands is a traditional demand that now becomes urgent.

Financial facilities are also necessary because of the treasury crisis that Thomas Cook's defaults may cause, and the need to face the payment of supplier invoices and other items, as well as tax advantages to alleviate the impact. In addition, in the workplace, measures must be taken specifically aimed at workers, who will inevitably be affected.

The two-way action on companies and workers will help reduce the impact of the crisis on the local economy. These crash measures do not hide the need to advance and deepen structural measures, both on the supply and demand side, that reduce concentration and facilitate diversification to reduce risks.

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