The Spanish Development Finance Company, COFIDES, SA, SME, has celebrated the VI edition of the “Internationalization and Development” awards, with which it distinguishes institutions that have stood out in their contribution to internationalization, development, investment impact and Spanish companies that stand out in their international activity.

In this edition, the Company has recognized the Ortiz Group in the category of Large Company Exterior Project; to Inbonis Rating in the External Project of Pyme; to the International Finance Corporation (IFC), of the World Bank group, in the Impact Investment category; and jointly to the Secretary of State for Commerce, the Chamber of Spain and the Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations in the category of Promotion of internationalization.

The Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, Reyes Maroto, and the president of COFIDES, José Luis Curbelo, have presented the awards to the president of Grupo Ortiz, Juan Antonio Carpintero; to the CEO of Inbonis Rating, Alberto Sánchez Navalpotro; to the director for Latin America of IFC, World Bank Group Gabriel Goldschmidt; and the president of CEOE, Antonio Garamendi, the President of the Chamber of Spain, José Luis Bonet, and the Secretary of State for Commerce, Xiana Méndez.

The Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, Reyes Maroto, has pointed out that the momentum of internationalization is important at a time of the rise of protectionist measures by some countries: “We also face the challenge of diversifying our destination markets, and we must make an effort to increase our presence in the Asian markets and the African continent. ” In this regard, he highlighted the upcoming approval of a new program, ‘Horizon Africa’, which “will have measures to support export and support companies in the African continent”.

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The minister also mentioned the fight against climate change and the progressive decarbonization of the economy: “The Government has placed sustainability at the center of the agenda, and, as a company of the Ministry, COFIDES has made it one of the vectors of its Strategic Plan, together with climate financing, resource mobilization capacity and complementarity with other actors, such as the United Nations Green Climate Fund ”.

The Secretary of State for Commerce, Xiana Méndez, when collecting the COFIDES award for the promotion of internationalization to the Collaboration Agreement between the Secretary of State for Commerce, the Chamber of Commerce of Spain and the Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations, has put in value “the close public-private collaboration that the Convention implies, fundamental for the support of our companies, in order to help them face the new challenges, adapt to the globalized world, and thus generate employment and wealth in our economy , which in turn results in greater social and economic well-being for Spain ”.

The president of COFIDES, José Luis Curbelo, has affirmed that, with this edition of its awards, the Company aspires to extol institutions and companies that have collaborated closely with COFIDES to contribute to the stimulation of internationalization and financing of development through Foreign investment Regarding Grupo Ortiz, he highlighted “his internationalization process and strategy through investments that improve the infrastructure necessary for sustainable development and that have a considerable social impact”. As soon as

In the words of José Luis Curbelo, “INBONIS is a rating company specialized in developing transparent credit risk ratings for SMEs, which facilitates access to financing by third parties.” He also stressed that “it is the first rating agency for SMEs certified by the European rating agency regulator, ESMA” and that “it collaborates in the improvement of the social ecosystem for the growth of smaller companies”.

With respect to the International Financial Corporation-World Bank, the President of COFIDES has assessed "its character of strategic ally for COFIDES in the company's commitment to impact investment". “With the adoption of the operational principles for Impact Management promoted by IFC, we managed to harmonize the standards of impact measurement and assess the progress we are making in the fight against climate change, the reduction of inequalities and other actions of the 2030 Agenda ”, he affirmed.

Finally, José Luis Curbelo has highlighted the “importance of the Tripartite, formed by the Secretary of State for Commerce, the Chamber of Spain and the Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations, which is favoring the presence of the Spanish economy and companies in third countries , as well as the interaction between companies and institutions ”.

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