CEOE statement: Trade and Cooperation Agreement between the European Union and the United Kingdom

The European Union and the United Kingdom closed the Trade and Cooperation Agreement on December 24, a contract that will enter into force as of January 1. In its commercial pillar, this agreement establishes the bases of bilateral relations in areas such as trade in goods and services, investment, competition, state aid, fiscal transparency, air and road transport, energy and sustainability. , fishing, data protection and coordination of social security.

This agreement was closed just seven days after the end of the transitional period and has emerged as a result of intense negotiations. Although it is very far from the expected objectives, it confers legal certainty to commercial relations and mitigates the most negative effects resulting from the end of the transitional period on December 31st.

Considering the imminent provisional entry into force of the agreement as of January 1, from CEOE we ask that the most disruptive effects implied by the end of the transitional period be mitigated and that the institutional framework envisaged in the agreement to ensure its correct application.

The agreement must become the foundation of solid and fruitful relations that ensure a level playing field and that promote closer cooperation in areas of utmost importance for the competitiveness of our companies.

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