The Tourism Council of CEOE has met this Tuesday with extraordinary character in view of the serious situation generated by the decision of the British Government to impose a quarantine on travelers from Spain and the possibility that other countries will join in that decision.

After the meeting, CEOE urges the Government to create and immediately convene an inter-ministerial working group as promised by the Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism at the proposal of CEOE, to address urgent measures to alleviate this crisis.

On the part of our organization, the team of people who will be part of this group has already been prepared, waiting for it to be launched.

We are facing a national emergency situation. Tourism has a tractor effect on other industries that makes it possible to speak of a macrosector that, if its situation worsens further, could deepen the already dramatic figures for employment and unemployment reflected in the Active Population Survey (EPA) in the second quarter .

From CEOE we consider that the origin of these restrictions on passenger traffic is not a reaction to a health problem, but rather a negative image that is transferred through the information that is released abroad and the lack of a message unit at the level of State.

We are creating a permanent alarm situation, instead of contextualizing the data and information on the COVID-19 outbreaks, so that they can be objectively perceived in the rest of European countries.

In this sense, we consider it a priority to address with the Government and the unions the need to promote the vision of Spain as a safe destination, and thus be able to implement without delay the urgent measures to stimulate demand that we, from CEOE, have been transferring to the Government , while complying with all safety regulations in the field of companies and appealing to the responsibility of citizens to prevent outbreaks.

The situation is limit for the sector, which also requires an extension of the extension of the ERTEs.

To finish, we want to make it clear that much more is at stake than the summer campaign of a sector such as tourism. Due to its direct and indirect contribution to GDP and employment, this situation affects us as a country and society. Tourism we are all.

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