This decrease has resulted in generalized improvements in the different territories, sectors of activity, genders and ages, as indicated by CEOE in its report 'Labor Market Observatory' corresponding to the month of June 2019.

Specific, Unemployment drops by 63,805 people, so we find a lower decrease compared to the results in this month in the last 10 years. In seasonally adjusted terms, unemployment increases by 8,986 people.

On the other hand, the balance of the last 12 months reflects a drop in unemployment in 146,476 registered unemployed, with an interannual rate of -4.63%.

In terms of contracting, in June the total number of registered contracts experienced a decrease over the same month of the previous year of 2.27% -46.751 less contracts. In this way, the number of contracts registered in the last month is 2,009,011, which should be related to the growth of seasonal activities.

In June, 174,159 permanent contracts were registered, representing 8.67% of the total registered in the month. The weight of indefinite hiring decreases slightly over total hiring, also due to seasonality.

Affiliation with Social Security

The data of Social Security affiliation, clearly indicative of the evolution of the labor market, reflect an increase over the previous month in 75,584 people. We are, therefore, facing a more moderate growth than in the three previous years.

In addition, we are facing an increase in affiliation in seasonally adjusted terms of 32,732 people. In this way, the number of employed members stands at 19,517,697, the highest figure in the historical series.

It is positive that in year-on-year terms the membership increased by 510,707 people, of which 498,352 correspond to the General Scheme. In this way, the positive interannual rate stands at 2.69%, which moderates the growth rate slightly.

From CEOE, we value positively the employment data published today, since they assume that Spain, with more than three million unemployed, has returned to the figures of 2008, with record of contributors and generalized decrease in unemployment in all territories, age ranges and gender, although we must continue working to continue improving these figures.

In addition, we advocate increasing the weight of industry to reduce the high percentage of seasonal employment. In this sense, it is worth remembering that the objective of 20% of GDP was industrial by 2020 and currently, together with the electricity sector, represents only 16.5% of GDP.

Spain presents a very high percentage of tourism, with 82 million visitors per year, so a significant part of employment corresponds to seasonal hiring, so it is essential to bet on training, active policies and the fight against submerged economy.

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