Descubre nuestro portal dedicado a los empresarios

The agreement, signed today by the president of CEPYME, Gerardo Cuerva, and the president and CEO of Insurance Advisors, José Luis Cogolludo, establishes the diffusion and making available for SMEs, through the news portal CepymeNews that CEPYME manages, of different advisory tools in the legal, labor, fiscal, financial, accounting, etc. areas.

SMEs can access through CepymeNews, in the Tools section of the Company, the so-called Generational Relay, with which Afianza Asesores faIt facilitates SMEs the process of generational change and the management of family businesses.

The collaboration between CEPYME and Afianza Asesores also contemplates joint informative events on certain matters of interest to SMEs and self-employed entrepreneurs. Specifically, a meeting will be held with entrepreneurs in five different cities, where the challenges and opportunities arising from generational change and family businesses will be addressed in a global manner.

"This agreement makes available to SMEs the necessary advice in areas vital to the management of the company and is another step for CEPYME in its strategy of helping to provide SMEs and self-employed entrepreneurs with services that are increasingly complete and oriented to the needs and demands of these companies, "according to the president of CEPYME, Gerardo Cuerva.

"The agreement with CEPYME is part of our commitment and vocation to help the entrepreneur to manage and grow his business" explained the president of Afianza Asesores. "We are very proud to collaborate with CEPYME and to put all our talent and experience at the service of SMEs and self-employed people in our country."

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