The agreement has been signed by the president of CEPYME, Gerardo Cuerva and by the director of Corporate Finance of BIG, Bruno Caixeirinho.

Banco de Investimento Global is an investment bank specialized in both mergers and acquisitions and capital raising. Through this agreement, CEPYME and BIG put the Bank's Capitalizer solution within the reach of Spanish SMEs, which contributes to the capitalization and professionalization of SMEs and facilitates capital capture processes before professional investors.

In addition, under this agreement, BIG will collaborate on some of the initiatives that CEPYME is carrying out, including the digital portal for SMEs and Autonomous CEPYMENEWS.

The president of CEPYME, Gerardo Cuerva, has pointed out that this agreement is part of the Confederation's strategy of making new tools and services available to SMEs and autonomous Spanish entrepreneurs that facilitate and improve the management of all areas of the company , thus contributing to improve their productivity and competitiveness. "SMEs," said Gerardo Cuerva, "are 99.8% of the business sector and supporting them in improving their financing and capitalization means boosting the competitiveness of these companies, which, in short, is boosting the competitiveness of our economy." .

For the director of Corporate Finance of BIG, Bruno Caixeirinho, the search for professional partners such as venture capital firms, family offices, corporations, among other agents, is increasingly important to promote the growth and expansion strategies of SMEs, or for the resolution of challenges such as family inheritance or replacement of shareholders. “Capitalizer was developed specifically for SMEs, allowing them to capture the capital necessary to achieve their objectives, including the financing of growth and / or internationalization projects, the resolution of challenges regarding family inheritance or replacement of shareholders, and the strengthening of the structure financial of the company, among others. ”

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