The Spanish Confederation of Small and Medium Enterprises (CEPYME) is finalizing the edition of the CEPYME5002019 yearbook in which, for the third consecutive year, the 500 leading Spanish companies in business growth will be collected. These are companies that stand out notably for their capacity for innovation, job creation and internationalization. The new edition of CEPYME500 will be presented predictably in the month of October, in Madrid.

The companies selected in this edition will be added to the more than 800 accumulated in the two previous editions, whose data can be consulted on the CEPYME500 platform and that form a universe of Spanish companies from all sectors and territories, with high growth potential , outstanding international activity and high innovative capacity and job creation.

For the president of CEPYME, Gerardo Cuerva, the objective of CEPYME500 is to help boost the growth of Spanish companies and that “there are more and more of these companies, larger and more competitive. In short, companies with the capacity to grow, generate wealth and employment, which is what our economy needs ”. To do this, with this initiative, CEPYME wants “to contribute to an environment that allows companies to continue growing, putting at their disposal tools and resources that help them innovate and expand their productive capacity, efficiency and results”.

CEPYME500 is an initiative that CEPYME launched in 2017, which seeks to identify, select and promote a group of companies that lead business growth, both for their results and for their ability to generate added value, employment, innovation and international projection. The initiative has the support and collaboration of BME, ICO, Bankinter and Informa.

CEPYME500 companies make up a select set of 500 medium-sized companies, whose selection has evaluated a series of indicators that measure the company's growth, solvency and innovation and international projection potential. The 500 companies that will be part of this year's edition, add to those selected in the two previous editions, forming a set of companies that largely constitute the engine of the Spanish economy.

The main objective of this project is to give the selected companies the national and international recognition and projection they deserve, while offering support in areas such as promotion; networking; the innovation; the internationalization or the provision of customized and exclusive solutions in financing, digitalization, etc. For this, CEPYME500 companies have at their disposal an innovative digital platform that provides high value-added services and provides greater visibility, which will boost their growth and facilitate their efficient adaptation to market demands.

In this way, CEPYME wants to contribute to boost business growth and the resizing of the Spanish business fabric, integrated in its 99% by small and medium enterprises.

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