Today is the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, which aims to empower them for an inclusive, equitable and sustainable development of society.

From this cross-sectional approach to inclusion, the work that the National Dramatic Center develops with this group is also considered, and which is included in its master plan that Ernesto Caballero launched in 2012. Some of the lines of work that have been implemented or reinforced since then they are: the improvement of accessibility to their shows, activities, scholarships or the creation of the festival 'A different look', which has already celebrated seven editions.

Since 2013, this contest directed by Inés Enciso and Miguel Cuerdo has been a platform that promotes and establishes the presence of artists with disabilities in the regular programming of the exhibition centers. 'A different look' has stimulated, supported, developed and publicized inclusive scenic projects and has made visible the capabilities and work of artists with functional diversity, to collaborate in the normalization and professionalization of the inclusion of creators with functional diversity in the performing arts in our country.

In the 2018/2019 season, the CDN took another step towards achieving this objective, betting on continuing projects and investing in theater research under the name of ‘Challenge 2019’. Thus, throughout this year there have been calls such as “¡Project me! ”, In which inclusive scenic projects have been advised such as, among others,“Tribes”, By Nina Raine, directed by Julián Fuentes Reta, or“ ¡¡Get tangled up! ”, In which scenic research has been provided to professionals such as Mateo Rubistein, Juanfra Rodríguez and María San Miguel.

Likewise, inclusive reading clubs have been held in institutions such as the Instituto Cervantes and the Network of Public Libraries of the Community of Madrid and workshops on culture and diversity together with AECID and the Center for Show Technology.

Accessible functions

In addition, the National Dramatic Center is adhering to the ‘Accessible Theater’ initiative, which since 2011 works to bring culture to people with hearing, visual or intellectual disabilities.

This season, accessible functions of up to nine mounts will be offered. After “Mother Courage and her children" and "Celia in the revolution”, The following that can be enjoyed –with overtitling and audio description- are for the works“Signed Lejárraga”(December 19 and 20) and“Divine words”(January 9 and 10).

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