China authorizes the export of meat and pork products to eight new Spanish establishments

The General Administration of Customs of the People's Republic of China has authorized eight new establishments producing Spanish meat and meat products to export to the Chinese market.

With this authorization, which has been communicated today to the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, the agreement reached in the meetings held in Beijing in May 2019, between the Ministry and the Customs authorities of the Chinese Government is fulfilled. .

In these meetings, other important export records for agri-food products of our country were also promoted.

In recent years, Spain has been climbing positions to become in 2019 the first exporter of pork and pork meat products to China, ahead of Germany, Brazil, the United States or Denmark.

Although before May 2019 the number of authorized companies was only 28, since that time there have been new authorizations, currently being 57 authorized companies, which has also doubled the number of Spanish companies exporting to the Chinese market.

These figures reflect the "magnificent relationship", according to the minister, between the two administrations and the good climate of collaboration and trust, which allows the list of products to be expanded and the number of establishments authorized to export.

Agri-food exports to China

China is one of the key destinations of Spanish agri-food exports, which in 2019 reached 2,038 million euros, with a significant increase of 48.1% compared to the previous year.

Since 2014, exports to China have increased remarkably, both in variety and volume of products, indicating that this country will become the main destination for Spanish agri-food exports to countries outside the European Union in the near future.

The main products exported are pork meat and offal, which have accounted for 55.3% of total agricultural exports from Spain to China in 2019 (in 2018 they represented 35.5% of the total).

In addition, the value of exports of products from the Spanish pig sector to China in 2019 amounted to 1,127.56 million euros, doubling the figure of the previous year, with 119% more than in 2018, according to Spanish trade statistics ( Datacomex).

After pigs, according to 2019 China Customs data, olive and pomace oil is the second most important product, with 148.94 million dollars (5.7% more than the previous year), closely followed for wines, with 145.17 million dollars (14.3% less than the previous year). Other relevant products are dehydrated alfalfa (79.17 million), fishery products (70.93 million), milk and dairy products (65.75 million) or fruits (59.17 million).

The new list of companies and the necessary information on the requirements and protocols for export to China will be available in the coming days in the CEXGAN computer application, as well as on the website of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food for all companies. authorized to export.

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