Rivas Cherif stars in a new documentary piece that the CDN, with the collaboration of the Theater Documentation Center and the National Theater Museum, has developed to shed light and pay tribute to his figure. This video is part of the series “Our theater”, An initiative within the“Spectator's School”Which aims to bring the public to some of the authors, directors, montages and scenic currents that have marked the direction of the contemporary Spanish scene. This series has focused on such prominent figures as Valle-Inclán, María Guerrero, Lorca or Miguel Mihura, to name a few.

Cipriano Rivas Cherif was a director, set designer, playwright, as well as an outstanding renovator of our theater and pedagogue (he founded the TEA, an innovative school that would lay the foundations for a new academic structure in the field of performing arts). Inspired by its spirit of dialogue and innovation, the CDN created in 2012 the Rivas Cherif Laboratory, a theatrical research project with permanent headquarters in the El Mirlo Blanco Room of the Valle-Inclán Theater, which for five editions offers a space for experimentation and training for creators, actors and other agents in the sector.

In addition, on November 18, the María Guerrero Theater hosted an act of homage to Rivas Cherif within the cycle “Mondays with voice”, With a round table that delved into his figure and a dramatized reading of a work of his own.

You can check the entire documentary series ‘Our Theater’ HERE

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