04-02-2020 | Cs

The deputy spokesman of the CPG announces that the liberal formation will request the appearance of the Minister of Agriculture

The deputy spokesman of the Parliamentary Group Citizens (GPCs), Edmundo Bal, has announced that he has asked the Bureau of Congress that the deputies who “insult”, “take advantage” of the State institutions and do not attend the Plenary sessions repeatedly don't charge "There are people who take advantage of our institutions, who stand for democratic elections when they do not believe in democracy, who insult the state institutions, as we saw yesterday with respect to the King, and also want to continue charging," he said. criticized the deputy spokesman for Citizens (Cs) in the lower house.

In statements to the media at the beginning of the Board of Speakers of Congress, Bal has also announced that the liberal formation will request the appearance of the Minister of Agriculture and will register a parliamentary initiative on agriculture with two objectives: that the chain be reformed food and protect the agricultural producer because it is the "weakest link in the chain"; and clarify the conditions under which loss sales can occur. "We are very concerned about the situation in the countryside in Spain, about the situation of the farmers and about the demonstrations that have taken place," said the deputy spokesman of the GPCs.

On the other hand, Bal has trusted that the Government "reflects, heed liberal policies and support small entrepreneurs and freelancers," in reference to unemployment data. "I do not believe that the Government dares to deny the concept of economic slowdown, I do not think I can continue to argue that we are going to overcome this process of deceleration with a public spending policy like the one that would result from the agreements that we have reached with Podemos ”, The orange deputy warned.

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