07-10-2019 | Cs

Isabel Franco celebrates the recovery of dialogue between Citizens, PP and Vox in order to reach an investment agreement

Citizens lead the unblocking of the political situation of the Region of Murcia in the face of the implementation of a government for the next four years. The spokeswoman for her parliamentary group, Isabel Franco, along with national deputy Miguel Garaulet, received the representatives of PP and Vox in the facilities of Citizens in the Regional Assembly, and assured after the meeting – which urged Citizens – that "we have achieved that the dialogue returns to be protagonist ". Franco considers it very positive that "there is an open conversation again between Ciudadanos, PP and Vox, where our goal is to achieve a full endowment with a viable vote," and added that he hopes that this unlocking "will allow us to launch a project for the Region during the next four years that will allow us to reduce taxes, serve more than 100,000 freelancers, consolidate free education from zero to three years and free textbooks and talk about measures to support families, creation of employment and, above all, promote and apply the regeneration that we are going to lead from the institutions ".

The meeting was attended by the acting regional president, Fernando López Miras, and the mayor of San Pedro del Pinatar, Visitación Martínez, by the PP; and the coordinator of the parliamentary group in the Regional Assembly, Luis Gestoso and the regional deputy Pascual Salvador, on behalf of Vox. Isabel Franco believes that Ciudadanos "has done an exercise of responsibility to unblock the situation and get us to work. We have talked about our agreement with the PP and we have highlighted the points that all parties can support at a given time in the face of a vote of investiture. " The orange spokeswoman has also indicated that the three parties "we have marked at the most another meeting in the next 24 hours because the idea is to continue working to offer a solution as soon as possible. We have given ourselves that period of time so that citizens can see that we are completely dedicated to achieving a solution that is as fast and satisfactory, always thinking of the interest of the million and a half inhabitants of the Region. "

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