Clement: "I hope a Real Madrid to go for all"

NEWS | 09/30/2019 | Javier Vázquez | PHOTOGRAPHER: María Jiménez

"They have players with enormous individual quality," Mignolet said.

Before the last Bruges training session on the grass of Santiago Bernabeu, his coach, Philippe Clement, appeared before the media in the press room and analyzed the game: “We are a team that seeks to create the game and when you face a stronger rival like the Real Madrid You have to look for other qualities and prepare the group for these types of matches. We are not just going to defend, the team has to be prepared to function collectively. ”

“I think conclusions are being drawn too quickly. Players like Hazard they have to adapt to a new competition, to a new league. Things are going very fast and we hope not to be the next victim of Real Madrid tomorrow. ”

First working day

“I was surprised by the result against PSG. We know the Real Madrid and its qualities; PSG in that game was very efficient, scored a goal on the first occasion and thus had more chances later. We will see tomorrow, I do not think they will be locked back, I hope that Madrid will go for all to score goals ”.

Mignolet: "Hazard will succeed and will be a star in Real Madrid."

Simon Mignolet, goalkeeper of the Belgian team, has experience in matches like this and thus spoke of the whites: “You have to know that we play against the Real Madrid, which has players with enormous individual quality. If we want to face them we will have to do it as a set to be stronger. I don't think there's a good time to play against him Real Madrid. When you play against such an adversary, you have to know that it is complicated and you have to accept that they are better than us, but we are in a good dynamic. Hopefully we can demonstrate what we have been doing so far. ”


“It's already a world star, I know the quality of Eden. I have trained with him in the national team and for him it must be new to be in a team like the Real Madrid. He will need some time to get used to the environment, but with the qualities he has he will succeed for sure and he will become a star in Real Madrid. ”


"In the last weeks Courtois He has had a difficult situation, but now he is at his level again. He is a world-class goalkeeper and in all the clubs where he has played he has shown it. He is a magnificent partner and has all the qualities to be the goalkeeper of Real Madrid and the Belgian national team. ”

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