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The president of Cs ensures that liberal training is having 'more responsibility' than the Government in managing the pandemic

“There is only one worse idea than the fact that you distribute yourself to the judges here in Congress: and that is that only those of the Government distribute them with their partners, who in your case are filoterrorists, convicted of coup and populists investigated by Justice ", has criticized the president of Ciudadanos (Cs), Inés Arrimadas, the first vice president of the Executive, Carmen Calvo. The leader of the liberal formation has described as an "outrage" the reform of the General Council of the Judicial Power (CGPJ) that PSOE and Podemos want to carry out and has warned the Government that, "if it does not rectify", Cs will take it "to Europe, where these practices are not tolerated ”.

In the control session to the Government that has been held in Congress, Arrimadas has affirmed that Cs is having "more responsibility" than the Executive in managing the pandemic. "During these months, while tens of thousands of Spaniards died, your government has dedicated itself to attacking the head of State, has brought ETA prisoners closer and has promised reforms of the Penal Code to the letter to its condemned coup partners," the president snapped. from the orange formation to the vice president, who has been asked if she is "proud" of the work that the Executive is doing during the pandemic.

“Although they did not deserve it, we have proposed and negotiated measures throughout this pandemic; and we have done it because we know that the Spanish do deserve it and need it, "said Arrimadas, who recalled that Cs has" fought against the trenches and against the tension that feeds from the Government. "

In addition, the leader of the liberal party has asked Calvo if they have managed the crisis in the best way they knew how. "If they have done the best they could and we have the worst results in the world, whose hands are we in?" Arrimadas questioned the vice president. "We have 50,000 deaths and the highest percentage of infected toilets, not only the worst in the first wave, but also in the second, and not only in health, but also economically," lamented the orange leader.

Arrimadas also recalled that "it is the first time in a democracy that there is a vice president who, if he were not gauged, would be charged" and has criticized the government for "protecting" him.

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